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shirt around the world

Checky this great idea. A couple o' guys designed this great tee and have send it on a journey round the world where it will meet other worldly designer types and collect their autographs. After it's full, it will be sold at A Better Tomorrow with proceeds going to the Red Cross. The downfall is that you probably can't wash the tee if you bought it for wearing purposes, but the upfall is that you shouldn't wear it, retard.

cutsey tees at fred flare

Fredflare is one of my super favourites, usually for jewellery and other bits, but now that they've launched these spiffy new tees I can post about them for your tee-reading enjoyments. You'll even get a couple for cheapsies in their surprise sale. Sorry for the boring write-up, I have to play on my new Wii!

Get them from: fredflare
With money to the value of: US$9- US$26

Year of God's Blessings

2007 is not only the year of the Pig, it is the Year of the Golden Pig. According to Chinese Foklore, this is an event that occurs once in every 60 years (or even 600, depending on which astrologer one consults) and will ensure that a baby born on this year will experience a prosperous and wealthy life.

We don't believe in folklores but I'll admit that kind of adds a little more icing to an already sweet cake. For Lily and I this is the Year of God's Blessings because we're expecting our second child in September! I can't describe how elated I am and thankful for this wonderful blessing. Here is her ultrasound from a couple of weeks ago (we are now in our 11th week)

religion is my hero

What more can I say?
Get it from: L.A. Tees
For this much: US$17.99

sale at beautiful decay!

If you've ever been over to Beautiful/Decay you'll know they're a damn fine bunch o' people with a great mag and some tops tees. At the moment they're moving their online store to new premises so they're having a big storewide sale. There's a great sale section AND you'll get a free mystery gift with every single order (other than a subscription) until the end of next week. Go now and buy, my pretties.

Los Angeles Photography

Miguel and I were scouting locations in Downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago for a project we're working on together. We ended up chatting with a few gentlemen on the streets and they had some interesting stories as to how they came to L.A.

In the process of getting to know these gentlemen we realized that each of them had a story to tell. Let me introduce Brent who ended up in Los Angeles about six years ago after being beaten and abducted. Since that time his life has been a tale of survival and he wanted us to come back and hear the complete story.

And this is Red from buffalo. His world was turned upside down after a series of events that brought him to L.A.

Their stories will continue as we gather more photos and details.
Tags: Los Angeles photographers, urban photojournalism, exploring photography

6dpi at less rain

6dpi by Carsten is a nifty concept, you get a tee with white boxes and then colour them to make your own designs. You can check out their design guide on the site, or get creative and make your own using their grid system. It's just like scrapbooking except that you don't wreck your precious childhood photos by cutting them into dumb shapes and sticking macaroni on them. God scrapbooking shits me.

Buy it from: Less Rain
Get out your wallets: £20

busy being birdies

I recently found Busy-Being, a cute little shop from Hollywood CA (not the other one). I love this tee by Ben Woodward for label Oakdale, there aren't enough tees with y-fronts on them. I'm also happy that they carry Princess Tina, one of my random favourites and fellow Aussies. (You can find some more Princess Tina here)

Get one on ya at: Busy-Being
With money: US$35

funny cause it's true

I love Palmercash for their great selection of tees and here they go again, not disappointing me with their latest offering. Although they do disappoint me because they haven't made it for ladies. Again. I guess ladies tend to wash their clothes more.

Grab it from : PalmerCash
With this much pocket money: US$17.97

Joy Williams

I listen to The Fish on the radio and heard that Joy Williams was going to be in town for a concert at Biola University. It's just a block from my house and I love her music so I jumped on the opportunity to get tickets. Joy totally ROCKED the house!

The other artists were: Shawn McDonald

Bethany Dillon

and John Ellis

It was a night to remember! (click here for the teaser)


Star Electric Eighty Eight are based out of Harlem NYC and are named after a baseball jersey. That has nothing to do with their t-shirts, as you can see. Unless you get ribbons for winning baseball, but I haven't seen that happen since grade 3, and they were always red ribbons anyway. During the meanwhile, these guys have great tees, I'm loving the huge prints.

Get these in your house: Star Electric Eighty Eight
For this much dollars: US$36

mooschool is dapper

I like nothing more than a tee which makes no sense - people who see your tee are easily sorted into two categories... those who get it and dickheads. I like to know who the dickheads are. This dude hand paints all of his crazy stream of consciousness tees... now that's a long attention span. These tees bloomin' rock and if you've ever hand painted a tee you'll appreciate how hard it is and how great these ones look. Damn they are just so dapper.

Get them from: Mooschool
Cha-ching: £40 and £35

again with the 4 tees of the moment

Mmmm the sweet, sweet taste of magnetic tape. Ohh the memories.
Buy it from: Velvet Banana
Get out your wallets: 34

I bought a Wii the other day, and guess what? I can play Donkey Kong on that mofo. And I will. And I might wear this tee whilst doing it. As always, buy 3 tees and get one free.
Buy it from: Phat Rags
Get out your wallets: US$15.99

Hand drawn tee, hand drawn tee, does whatever a hand drawn umm sea. Buy it from: Shamplade
Get out your wallets: US$12

I'm sure 'la maldad del hombre' means something super cool, but I'm not one to learn. It's yet another in a long line of tees from Tank Theory for our wearing pleasure.
Buy it from: Tank Theory
Get out your wallets: US$21

airside t-shirt club open!

Colm from Airside has written to me with some info about their super-neato T-shirt Club, so I'm gonna share it with all of you, cause I think the artists are pretty damn great, and you can't really go wrong!
Airside T-shirt Club is in its eighth year in 2007. The concept is simple. Sign up as a member and you receive four t-shirts, one per month starting in April, over the summer. The difference is that the designs remain top secret until they arrive on your doorstep. We will only ever print as many as there are members in the club and they will never appear for sale anywhere else so the t-shirts are extremely limited edition.
Each year we invite three of the hottest designers around to join our own Fred Deakin (who when not scribbling for Airside is a DJ extraordinare and one half of Lemon Jelly) to come up with the tees. This year we have James Joyce - currently one of the UK's big names in design, Jason Munn - American rock poster designer - and French multimedia genius Shoboshobo (we've seen his design, it's amazing).
It costs £99, which includes UK postage and membership will close in March. In addition members will receive a special membership pack on application - handy if you want to buy it as a present for someone. For more details and more information on the designers go here.

Buy it from: Airside
Get out your wallets: £99

palmercash sale picks

Palmercash are in mid-sale and still have some gee-whiz bargain tees. I was going to post about some new tees I had discovered in my interweb travels, but realised that had I found these particular tees at some random boutique store I'd have posted about them anyways. So here you are, the tees pictured are US$13.97 (right) and US$15.97 (left), girls ones up above and boys ones below. Knock yourselves out.

And in other sale news, head over to Busted Tees and sift through their merch for something you like, then grab it at a bargain price with the $5 off coupon 'HIGHFIVE' valid until EOD Feb 22nd.

keith is back fo' yo' ass.

Keith the killer chimp is back in 'Keith ll' by X Large. In a battle to the death against Mickey he'd totally win (Steam Boat Willie Mickey, not Fantasia Magician Mickey because guns don't beat magic). He's so gangster with an 'er' not an 'a' which is just far cooler these days.

Buy it from: Coolest Shop
Get out your wallets: $US25

a different desteenation

Desteenation is all about finding original tees from shops/pubs/record stores in different US states and reproducing them with permission for the pleasure of our buying money. Great niche for a tee shop, I'd love to see them go international.

Buy it from: Desteenation
Get out your wallets: around US$22

science is fun

Jinx call themselves a clothier for gamers and geeks... but I love this tee and I wouldn't call myself a gamer or a geek. Although I did purchase a Wii yesterday off the Interweb WOOT! And I did just say 'woot'. Ah crap.
Anyway, the kids at Jinx show us that science IS fun with this nifty offering. So get out your pocket protectors and while you're there get out your cash and get sciencing.

Buy it from: Jinx
Get out your wallets: $US14.95

gettin' some b&b

Brennan & Burch some seriously cool stuff. Like this ladies 'friends' longline tee for example. They stock limited runs and one-offs so you're bound to find something that sets you apart from the masses, or if you want you could just wear nothing at all and it'd have a similar effect. But alas, I am in the business of promoting t-shirts and therefore have to give my formal shake of the head to the nudity option.

If you're in London, pop into their sample sale 14-16 February 2007 12.00-6.00 p.m, more info on their site. Please only go therewhen fully dressed.

Buy it from: Brennan & Burch
Get out your wallets: around £38

Corporate Photography Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey

It's such a blessing to cover corporate events once in a while. I'm documenting the Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Brand Energizer Conference 2007 this week at the Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey.

From the moment I stepped out of my car I knew I was in for an experience. Each employee greeted me with genuine smiles and by the time I got to the check in counter, they were all calling me "Mr. Bumatay" - and they even pronounced my name correctly! (boo muh tie) The check in was smooth and quick, but I stayed a little bit because I was engaged in a pleasant conversation with the Ritz associates. And they didn't just point me to the elevator, they continued our conversation by walking with me to it. That's beyond customer service, I don't even know what to call it!

This conference is all about embedding the TFS brand which involves excellence in customer focus, speed, integrity, unity of purpose, and performance. And what better place to use as an example of branding than the Ritz Carlton?

The conference kicked off with a dinner cruise on a yacht. Although this night turned out to be really foggy, everyone still had a great time!

View from the yacht - the Ritz looked so majestic despite the fog.

Facilitator Rick Wood did a fantastic job leading the conference with his unique style of teaching. But if anybody were even a second late to each session, there were consequences...

each person that was tardy had to do the "I was late cheer"!

The second night was a treat to one of my favorite restaurants - Cheesecake Factory!

Here are the Brand Energizers that came from all over the U.S. for this event.

If I were to work a corporate job all over again, I would wish it were for Toyota. They truly know how to be the brand!

Tags: Ritz Carlton photos in Marina del Rey, Toyota Corporate events photography, special events photographer, corporate portraits, Los Angeles professional photographer Greg Bumatay

cool faile tees at upper playground

A tribute to the tribulations of our pal Michael Jackson. A fitting tee design by Faile for FIFTY24SF and for sale at Upper Playground. I say a 'fitting design' but I don't know what I mean by that really, I'm certainly not implying that Upper Playground staff are into simians or babysitting, but who knows, they might be. Whether you take the jailbait angle, or the double whammy, you're sure to look a treat protesting at one of Mickey's court appearances in this one for US$24 but check out more Upper Playground gear here they've got a fantastic range of tees that you won't find anywhere else and some really nifty artists.

Buy it from: Upper Playground
Get out your wallets: US$24

now that's marketing

Ever got to second base with an online tee shop? Well here's your chance buddies. Kozyndan are freaks, it says so on their site, which also states their plans to create genetically modified chickens... but evil scientist tendencies and soft-core porn aside, they have some fantastic art and some hot tees retailing at US$18. I needs a lie-down.

Buy it from: Kozyndan
Get out your wallets: US$18

LNMAC here I come!

If I owned a monster I'd call him 'Lochie' even if he wasn't from a loch. Anyway, I love this tee from TopatoCo, and to make the deal even sweeter, they promise that this tee, or any of their others, won't make the wearer look fat.
Grab this LNMAC tee from TopatoCo Item Boutique for around US$17+shiptimes. And for only $5 more why the wilikers wouldn't you become a LNMAC official certificate holder? I'd pay five bucks to have my name put on anything.

kankatee review

I ain't gonna lie, I'm really not into tees with a giant shop title in the design. But I do have a soft spot for this one, and not just because it was free.
"When Bess Attacks" by Kankatee has top quality, superfine printing and I love a hand drawn robot tee with super-fast international delivery.
Using Men's American Apparel as a yardstick, this AAA medium tee runs a teense large, but it's great quality 100% cotton. Ladies tees are classic American Apparel (need I say more).
Who are they? Kankatee run a design comp with a US$200 prize. There are but three four designs at the moment and with one being added per month it seems a long wait for new tees, but I'll be interested to see what they come out with in the future as a browse through their voting section proves promising.
Advantages: Turbo shipping, free to the US
Disadvantages: White tees make me look wider. And whiter for that matter.
Buy it from: Kankatee
Get out your wallets: US$20
In stock: man-style: S-XL
Check it in close up:

cotton factory sale

Damn that interweb is fast. Aqua Teen Bomber Force and many others are on sale at cottonfactory.com for US$10. I'm off to work on my 70s hair knowledge.
Boston 2007. Never forget.
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