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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Wedding Photography

Ken and Tracy's wedding at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach was amazingly beautiful! Slomique from Carpe Diem Special Events & Design did a fabulous job with the decorations, keeping things organized and making sure all the details were just perfect. I was loving everything from Tracy's bouquet, her Lazaro dress, to her stunning ring design, and her evening/ballroom gown. Tracy has impeccable taste! Here are a few of my favorite images:

Click here to see more images in their wedding slideshow!
Tracy and Ken Bennett wedding pictures at The Hyatt Regency Resort in Huntington Beach, CA. The Hyatt wedding photos HB, H.B. Orange County wedding photographer Greg Bumatay


crapmust kill tomatothe marcelsrainy bench
Crap. That's what the new line of tshirts by Dutch artist Parra is called, which, somewhat ironically, are sure to sell really quickly. Parra's clothing label Rockwell has been around for a while now, and the website doubles up as Parra's online art-space. Hours and hours of visual treats!


J LUVProgrammed to DestroyDoes it ever feel like characters have taken over the world? It's as if everyone from accountants to adhesive companies seems to have a cute little character to help promote their business and increase their likeability. Yay! I really like good character design, and so does everyone at Mojizu - a contempary character design community. Mojizu enables users to submit their own "moji," download heaps of stuff, participate in forums or even moji battles and enter the mojizu tshirt competition... to name but a few. Speaking of tshirts, I just remembered this is a tshirt blog... and these shirts are fine. Damn fine. Created from member's art from the site, these numbers (J Luv and Programmed to Destroy are pictured) are supercute and available from the moji shop. Moji-rific!

more than meets the eye

I'm back with a shiny new Interweb connection, and a month worth of credit from the offending Interweb company! Woot! For my first call of duty, I'd like to shatter all your hopes and dreams for the new Transformers movie.

I went to a media screening of Transformers last night, and I'll give it a full set of 10 shiny, golden stars for the most brilliant design and amazing effects I think I've ever seen. Now I'll quickly take them all back because the script, direction and editing were perhaps the worst I've ever endured. Seriously, how many poignant love stories, wrong-side-of-the-tracks childhoods, comic relief black men and all-American-world-savers can you jam into one giant robot movie?
I'll proudly be wearing this awesome t-shirt when I hunt down Michael Bay and stab him in the face-eye.

Get one before they're a-gonna: Fat Asian Cowboy
For: US$16.99

Travel Photography Washington D.C.

I just got back from a trip to Baltimore, MD for another corporate shoot. While there I had the chance to visit Washington, D.C. very briefly. When I say briefly, I mean I only had a couple of hours of daylight to walk around the nation's capitol. Nonetheless, it was breathtaking to see historical and national landmarks that until now, only saw on television.

The White House

The Old Executive Building, really cool architecture!

View of the Washington Memorial from behind the White House

Reflection Pool

On my way up to the Lincoln Memorial

and there he is

A small portion of the Vietnam War Memorial - it blew me away to see all the names of each soldier killed in the war. Seeing each name and saying some of them outloud resulted in an internal reaction in me that I cannot even begin to describe. It made me realize how precious life really is.

Travel photography by Greg Bumatay, photos from my trip to Washington DC, Washington DC photographer


Beautiful/Decay is a magazine that covers fine art, grafiti and everything in between. It spawned out of a black and white zine and now has a distribution of over 45000 copies. Impressive huh? Oh yeah, they have really cool tshirts in their shop too, and lots of them.

In the Pitts

Diodes are a girls best friendkindercore print
Designer and illustrator Travis Pitts is one of the masters of designing for thsirts. Some how he manages to create complex and aesthetically pleasing images full of life and excitement using only limited colour palettes - a necessary combination for successful screen printed garments. Threadless regulars will be familiar with his work including the brand new release Diodes are a girls best friend (top left). To see more of Pitts' work visit zom-bot.com - the sci-fi references run thick and fast, but Pitts also delves into more organic illustrations, paintings and sculptures. Worth a visit.


Motion Madness - By the KeldPizzakamikaze - By Hektor / Himmelhestene - By Plastic Kid
Danish site Pestol.dk started out as a competition site, but is now a bit of an online haven for limited designer tshirts (including two of my favourites Cut And Paste and Himmelhestene - bottom right - by Plastic Kid), books and more. Two new releases include Motion Madness (top) by The Keld, and Pizzakamikaze (bottom left) by Hektor. Be quick!

Going Ape

KillovisionZombies of Oz
Go Ape Shirts have just released two of their best tshirts to date, the delightful Killovision by Aaron Hogg and The Zombie of Oz by Dean Fraser. Also released is Shredder got to Michaelangelo which, although reminiscent of Party Pieces from Threadless (among others), may appeal to the lovers of cutesy puns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or violence against animals.

Seen at: tcritic.com

Orange County Wedding Photography Fullerton

I always suggest to couples that they do the "First Meeting" photo session (the couple meets for a romantic moment before the ceremony) because of the many advantages. When we (my special guest shooter was Miguel Pola) did Jamie and Victor's First Meeting at Via del Sol in Fullerton, we got some nice romantic images from it without the stress of being under time constraints. Another plus from it is that we get the chance to have fun and be creative.

Click here see more pics on their slideshow!
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Teenage Wasteland

Hecklewood have just dropped their new range for summer. It's packed full of 90's cultural references - some tastefully subtle, others tastefully in your face. Maybe it's just because I was a troublesome teen in the 90's, but I like them. Oh, and the range is called Teenage Wasteland - in case you were wondering. Check it out.

Lab Partners

lab partnerslab partners
Don't worry - I'm not going to fill the blog up with every new Threadless shirt that comes out. But I do like this nerdy little number by Hagit Hashimshony.
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