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Wanted t-shirt design by Jean-s├ębastien Deheeger
Pretty World Inferno t-shirt design by Attila Szamosi
See You At The Show t-shirt design by Eli Horn
When I started this blog I decided that I, unlike many other blogs, would not write about Threadless every week. But when they keep releasing shirts as good as Wanted by Jean-s├ębastien Deheeger, Pretty World Inferno by Attila Szamosi, and See You At The Show by Eli Horn, it makes it very hard for me to restrain myself.

Hey at least I'm not writing about every single shirt...

lol shirts

A friend mentioned that he'd seen a chick wearing this tee at the bus stop. He was so enamored by said girl that I hunted it down especially for him. Turns out that it's merch for We Are Scientists, but it'd probably be an even greater find if it wasn't.

Get yours at: We Are Scientists
For: US$12


t-shirts from LaFraise
Is it possible to write about an online design contest without making comparisons to Threadless? Well, yes. Of course it is. But I'm not about to start doing anything crazy now.

Although LaFraise is somewhat similar to Threadless, the shirts available on the European design contest site have a certain aesthtic that differs from their American counterparts. Like Threadless, LaFraise can be a bit hit and miss, but when they hit the mark the results are fantastic shirts with incredible illustrations. The above is just a small selection of some of my favourites.

Unfortunately LaFraise doesn't ship outside of Europe, which I think is crazy. But if you are in Europe and you're in the hunt for a new t-shirt, LaFraise is definitely worth checking out.

dirty monkey

Gotta love a monkey shirt and it's even sweeter when it comes from a nifty site with a bit o' extra fun. Check out their 'Ugly Chisel' section for a particularly good pic of Jagger and Bowie which I would buy in an instant if they put it on a tee.

Get one at: Pretty Hammer
For: US$25

Trash the Dress Orange County Laguna Beach

Trash The Dress = TTD

It's HOT (err.. or wet), it's FUN, and it's a trend that's totally sweeping the nation. After her wedding a bride can now opt to "trash the dress" during a fashion style photo shoot. She's gonna spend hundreds of dollars having it cleaned, so why not get it dirty?! The term "trash the dress" is kind of shocking though, but it really doesn't (necessarily) mean the dress will get thrashed during the shoot. It will get dirty, or even wet, but in the end, the dress comes out just fine (ahem... usually). The reality for most brides is that they will never wear that gown again, nor will their daughter want to re-use it. So why not have fun with it and get some very nice pictures? A nice option would be to donate it afterwards.

In Laguna Beach, a group of about 13 photographers, 11 brides, and the news crew from
The Orange County Register was there to cover the story. It was such a great experience to meet with different photographers and having the chance to photograph what most brides would never dare think of...Click here for the video!

I ended up getting soaked myself so I can get some closer up shots in the water - my camera and cell phone got completely submerged! The cell phone was fried, but the watertight Canon Mark IIn kept going flawlessly.

I just wanted to add a shout out to Nataly Lemus (she masterminded the event), all the couples that came out for this bash (they risked their dresses), all the crazy cool photographers that participated (they went all out), and The OC Register! You all made this memorable day happen. THANK YOU!
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skellington real life review

"ROCKIN ROLLS!". Now I don't know if it was only an Australian ad campaign. It was for 'pocket pizzas' or something and it had Spinal Tap in it. It was funny, and re-introduced Spinal tap to a new generation, as well as microwavable pocket pizza things.
ANYWAY, the T-shirt. I completely love the concept behind how these guys work. Using designs from shirts people have worn in movies and printing them in real life! SO COOL! This one was of course worn by Nigel from Spinal Tap. He had it with the sleeves cut off as I recall, but compromises must be made.
It is a good quality shirt and the printing front and back is real pretty. It also gets lots of funny comments from people (especially when you work in an office) and you feel super cool when you tell people where the design comes from. ROCKIN' ROLL!


Advantages: Nice shirt, nice story. Nice.
Disadvantages: Old and conservative types tend to avoid you.
Buy it from: Found Item Clothing
Get out your wallets: US$21.95
In stock: man: S-2XL
Model models: Man L
Reviewed by: ThomP

The Skull Dezain

T-shirts designed by The Skull Dezain
T-shirts designed by The Skull Dezain
T-shirts designed by The Skull Dezain

We all know that ninjas are masters of stealth and lethal assasins. Well what about a vector ninja? Huh?

The Skull Dezain is a self described Mouse Geisha / Vector Ninja (huh?) and well he sure has got the stealth thing mastered because I don't know a thing about him except that he's from Japan and has done some incredible work. His style sneaks up on you and then smacks you in the face assasin style with bold colours and strong imagery.

Links to places to find some of these tees can be found on The Skull Dezain website. Watch your back though...

ISO50 - 25%

ISO50 t-shirts by Scott Hansen
Scott Hansen makes beutiful pictures and beautiful music. He has made the most of these fabulous talents by putting some of the said pictures on tshirts and posters which can be picked up from his shop. Even better it's all on sale with 25% of everything right now.

To see more check out Scott's amazing portfolio site ISO50 - if you haven't already. Bam!



Die Young Womens Tee by Darkroom
Creepio Tee by Darkroom
Bones Tee by Darkroom

Remember the artwork on the Alien Workshop skateboards when they were cool? Well if you do you'd be familiar with the design skills of Don Pendleton (the designer, not the pulp fiction/mystery author). Don moved over to Element last year but has just released his own label of clothing called Darkroom. Darkroom enables Pendleton to do what he does best - create stunning images and build a brand - however, this time he has a little more creative freedom I guess. The web site is coming soon (ah come on - let us at it!) but for now you can grab these goodies at the excellent Umbrella store.

skull boy

Artist Marion Bolognesi really makes me want to eat Spaghetti. Apart from that, her artwork is awesome - even more so on a tee. Now go and check out 'Skull Boy' in all it's giant print glory at Tank Theory.

Get one at: Tank Theory
For: US$23

GAMA-GO Goodies

Giant Squid Hoody by GAMA-GO
Deathbot Dark Rainbow Track Jacket by GAMA-GO
GAMA Owl Track Jacket by GAMA-GO
It's cold down here in the southern hemisphere at the moment. And if you're on the other side of the world enjoying (or enduring) the warmth, you'll get cold soon enough. So why not be prepared for any cold shiver that may inevitably head your way with some stylish limited edition tracksuits and hoodies from GAMA-GO. They feature beautiful printing and embroidery - click the pics above for close ups.

These winter warmers are strictly limited and available for pre-sale now - so if you want one don't dawdle.

And if you're enjoying the art on the GAMA-GO site have a look at Tim Biskup's site here. Good stuff.

Engagment Pictures The Lab Vineyard Park Prive Orange County

Lani and Todd wanted a mix of urban scenes as well as a vineyard setting, so we headed for Orange County! Check out the cool spots we found:

Engagement portraits in Orange County, Park Prive and vineyards photography, Orange County winery, engagement pictures at The Lab in Costa Mesa, Orange County photographer

UCLA Engagement Pictures

Betty and Simeon chose the UCLA campus for their pre-wedding photo shoot. Here we definitely had a great variety of sceneries to use for backdrops and I had a blast exploring the huge campus.

UCLA Engagement Pictures, engagement portraits on UCLA campus, alumni photos of Betty and Simeon, Los Angeles wedding photography

Good Threads

Sea Saw II t-shirt by Emery Greer
Surprise t-shirt by Aaron Hogg
The Embroidaries t-shirt by Michael Blaine Myers Jr
 Vincent's Van Go t-shirt by Bradley Randall
Threadless has the ability to amaze and to disappoint. Fortunately this week we get the prior.

There's a whole bunch of great winners this week including submissions by (top to bottom) Emery Greer of Individualtee (again), Aaron Hogg of Moa Design (again), Michael Blaine Myers Jr (again) and Bradley Randall (1st win - Yay!).
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