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Funny cause it's maths.

From: xkcd
From US$14.99

Photography 104

I survived another night of lecturing in front of over 30 loud, scary, obnoxious, rowdy, wild, crazy , out-of-control, college photography students. There were paper airplanes flying all over the classroom, I forgot what my lecture was about, nobody was paying attention, a fight broke out, and the chaos was just unbelievable!

Ok, it didn't really happen that way. All my students are fantastic - they listened, participated, and asked great questions that kept a nice flow throughout the evening (actually I thought I talked too much). So far, it's week 2, and I've already gotten tremendous feedback from my students emailing me. I'm completely excited because I get to share my passion and I truly enjoying teaching and helping people that are interested in the art of photography.

I started teaching the Wedding Photography class (Phot 104C) at Cypress College last week, and I'm already loving it! Cypress College is fairly small school but their photography program is amazing - they have nice studios, equipment, well-equipped computer labs, top notch instructors (ahem...), and highly motivated students (are ya reading this guys?! hahaha). Hopefully I'll have some images to show by next week, so come back and check it out!

Threadless $10 Sale

The Unseen/Unheard t-shirt by Ed Pincombe
Everybody Loves A Yeti t-shirt by Scott Bartlett
The Communist Party t-shirt by Tom Burns
I never buy towels until they go on sale. Why pay full price for towels, right? Threadless on the other hand often requires some speedy purchasing because the good shirts tend to sell out really quickly. But, $10 sale time is here, so head over and see if there is anything left that you like. 14 new shirts out this week (over acheivers) with my pick of the bunch being The Unseen/Unheard by Ed Pincombe (top) and Everybody Loves A Yeti by Scott Bartlett (middle). If 14 shirts isn't enough, there's also a bunch of reprints available too. Buy heaps and you won't have to go shopping for a year - until the towels go on sale that is.

Sale ends September 3

music i like

Haha boobies.

From: Diesel Sweeties
For: US$18

Design By Humans

Robot Attack T-shirt from Design By Humans
Design By Humans is a new player in the tshirt competition game, and they have come out swinging. To get the ball rolling DBH held a $5000 kick-off competition, which was taken out by The Legion of Doom, with their design Robot Attack.

Design By Humans seems to have more full on, in your face arty shirts than it's most successful adversary Threadless. Relying less on the visual pun or hidden meanings and more on intense illustrations and specialist printing methods, DBH has managed to offer up a system that is similar enough to Threadless to work but different enough to succeed. Bold, beautiful, interactive and affordable is surely a winning formula. Check it out.

flight of the conchords

New Zealand... You can have Russel Crowe back if we can have Flight of the Conchords.

Ratchet: NerdyShirts
Monkeys: Presale US$14.98

design by humans verdict

So this is the $5000 DBH winner and it's awesome. Metallic ink awesome.

I'm completely impressed with both the quality of DBH tees (real life review soon) and their fantastic customer service.
With their $750 daily tee comp starting tomorrow, I (a) have no doubts that they'll do great things and, (b) think they must have started this business with a fuckload of cash.

Thanks to The Daily Tee for these 15% off coupon codes: 0XQSX3 & DBH22

Where: Design By Humans
How: US$19

In completely unrelated news, the legendary Threadless $10 sale starts today.

Sir Freelancelot

Sir Freelancelot t-shirt by the Chop Shop
Sir Freelancelot t-shirt by the Chop Shop

It's late. About 1.30 am. I should be sleeping. My body is tired but I have had coffee so now I have that weird combination of absolute lethargy and annoying buzziness, neither tired or awake, hanging in the limbo of sleepland. Why? Because I am a freelancer. Freelancing by nature forces you to work when you can, and the more you work the more you get paid. Inevitably this leads to more and more working - which leads to more late nights, canceling on plans with friends and eating meals that take 3 minutes to cook in a microwave.

Does that sound like you? Well then this new shirt from the Chop Shop is for you. Sir Freelancelot rides high on steed in front of a foil-print shimmery sun.

At least being a freelancer means you get to sleep in sometimes.

how do you spell 'mom', mum?

I always have a problem with American spelling versus the correct spelling of certain words when it comes to the world wide nature of the Interweb. How am I ever going to buy a t-shirt with the words 'tyres,' 'organise,' 'theatre,' or 'centre' anywhere on it? What if I find a great tee which says, 'organize the tires into the center of the theater'? Should stores offer alternate spelling versions of their tees?
This tee is a perfect example. Can I in all honesty wear a tee which boldly flaunts the American spelling of 'mum'? Thinking about it, I guess this is the most logical spelling of mum, as it comes from the word 'mother'... well I guess it could come from a latin word like 'mumtabular' meaning 'mother', and if that's the case then 'mom' isn't correct. Good thing that's not the case.

Get it from: NoiseBot
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Ain't it the truths.

From: Imperfect Articles
For: US$35

Greystone Mansion Wedding Beverly Hills

I'm back in Beverly Hills to meet with the bride and her other vendors. We had planned a walkthrough of the Greystone Mansion so that we can plan for Jenny and Rich's wedding coming up this September (so stay tuned!) As I walked toward the gardens my jaw dropped when I saw the property - everything looked spectacular! Here's a shot of our little tour group below, which includes Jenny (gorgeous bride to be), the catering coordinator Patty, the wedding coordinator Linda, and florist Jasmine.

I'm loving the Gothic English architecture!

This is the courtyard where the ceremony will be held.

Jennifer and Richard Taras wedding pictures at Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA.
Tags: Wedding photography Beverly Hills Greystone mansion, Los Angeles wedding photographer

Concrete Hermit - better than lotteries

Teenage Rock Monster t-shirt by Will Ainley
Pow Pow t-shirt by JuJu's delivery
Spam, ain't it wonderful... I reckon I'd get on average about 10 emails a day saying that I have the EU lottery, the UK sweepstakes or the Portugese chicken raffle. Do people actually fall for this? Unfortunately yes, and the sad part is that they are probably the people who have to work the hardest to get the money that these jerks are going to steal off of them. If only I got one email telling me I'd won a Concrete Hermit prize pack I might actually open it - just to make sure. Because seriously, their stuff is awesome (and I'm not just saying that because they are a sponsor - have a look for yourself!)

The good kids over at CH have just released 4 new shirts, one of their own and three to add to the artist series, delightfully decorated by Will Ainley, JuJu's Delivery and Dan Has Potential.

Now excuse me while I go claim my lottery winnings so I can purchase a remedy for my prostate problems and pick up a cheap copy of Adobe CS3.

thinkgeek grab bag sale

Additional: ThinkGeek grab bag sale is now on. Get geeky from US$5.99.
Umm Optimus Prime would buy some.

heli chopter

The tail thing's connected to the boom thing, the boom thing's connected to the engine thing, the engine thing's connected to the bubble thing, lets all go watch MASH.

Gets one at: LookatMeShirts
For: US$16

TEE TEST: Share Peace Initiative

Electro Evolution t-shirt by the Share Peace Initiative
I've got a bit of a soft spot for companies that combine fresh graphics with a social conscience, whether it be by promoting or donating to worthy causes. The Share Peace Initiative is a new company based in Sydney, who donate 10% of all their t-shirt sales to organisations supporting peace iniatives around the world, inlcluding Kiva, Oxfam and Peace Child to name but a few.

The first offering from The Share Peace Initiative got sent to me for a review, and it is entitled Electro Evolution (available in mens and womens sizes). Apparently it is targeted at electro fans due to the "tremendous popularity of electronic music and the vibrant and quirky fashion sense of its devotees," but it is currently hard to tell if future offerings will follow the same path.

That aside, the design of the shirt is quite striking, and indeed would definitely look in place on the dancefloor at 3am on a sunday morning. The print is large and eyecatching and the juxtaposition of the electronic and organic matter in the design makes for an interesting composition. The typeface could be better but it does the job. The only downside in my opinion is the colour of the print - it is very pink, and unfortunately that will probably turn a lot of guys (and maybe some girls) off. But if you're down with pink, electronic music and helping people out you can't go wrong with this t.

The shirt itself is a midweight 100% cotton shirt, nice and soft and seems to be quite well made. It fits well, slim, but not so slim that you have to be tall and skinny for it to look good - it's just right.

While this shirt won't do it for everyone, it definitely has niche appeal. I'm still not sure why a company promoting peace has ended up promoting dance music, but it will be interesting to see what direction this fledgling label takes. Share Peace will be releasing a new shirt monthly, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

RRP $30 (Australian)

PS - if you have any shirts you would like reviewed drop me an email

keep calm and carry on review

There is nothing I like more than a good concept tee. Yay Verily! I feel lost without a concept. All like 'It's a picture of a ninja, like whatever'.

Anyway, the tee. The design is based on a poster from the British Ministry for Propaganda. If you are going to pick a source...

Any way, the afore mentioned ministry released this exact design on a poster, as a message from King George VI to ease the nerves of the British people at the start of WWII. So wonderfully British. I like telling people the story. Even when they don't ask. Even when they don't want to know. Only one person has thought it was a commentary on gay rights.

So next time the Hun lay waste to your homeland, take your gender non-specific partner firmly by the correct parts and remember to keep calm and carry on.


Advantages: Made of good Tshirt
Disadvantages: Keep calming to sleep.
Buy it from: Keep Calm and Carry On
Get out your wallets: £20.00
In stock: man: S-XL lady: S-XL
Model models: Manly L

Wedding Photography Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church

Allyson and Keshun held their wedding ceremony at The Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church. It is a gorgeous (and historic) building, but what was fun about it is that there's a constant trickle of tour buses stopping outside in hopes of catching a glimpse of a celebrity wedding!

I love the interior of the church because of the lighting and architecture.

The evening concluded with a soirée in a private Beverly Hills mansion overlooking Century City. They enjoyed the beautiful California weather - it was perfect and the view was spectacular.

Now click here to see more images in their teaser slideshow!
Tags: Beverly Hills wedding photos, photography at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles wedding photographer Greg Bumatay

awesomeness from the chop

I couldn't turn Lappy off without posting this bit o' pure awesomeness with added gold foiling.

Get one at: ChopShop
For US$25

unshameful sausage

If I ate sausages for dinner then I'd also be proudly 39% sausage. But alas, I had a shameful spinach salad.

Get sausaged at: 2K by Gingham
With money: US$35

Los Angeles Equestrian Center Wedding Photographer

It was a beautifully warm day in Burbank. Carola and Anthony picked Calamigos at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center as the site of their ceremony and reception. We were surrounded by large sycamore trees and vast fields of grass. The bridal prep took place at the white house next to ceremony site. Here's a shot of Carola's elegant Maggie Sottero gown:

The lighting was gorgeous at the time of the ceremony, and by the time we began the romantic photo session the sun began to set which gave us a nice glow for the romantic shoot.

See more pics in their preview slideshow!
Los Angeles wedding photography


Howl t-shirt by GAMA-GO
Deathbot Shiva t-shirt by GAMA-GO
Kaiju Birdrest t-shirt by GAMA-GO
GAMA-GO have been busy of late - on top of their recent release of winter gear, they recently just dropped 12 new tshirts - 6 for the guys and 6 for the ladies. Equality, music and angry robots. Cool right?

red bubble

So Red Bubble's great and all, but what's with no light printing on dark tees? Boo! Don't let the prevalence of white tees put you off though, there's still some nifty community based tee action to be had.

Gets 'em at: Red Bubble
For: US$21.94

Coupons galore!

Urban Retro is offering all customers 15% OFF their new UARM Clothing range until the end of August.
Code: UARM15

NerdyShirts is offering it's first ever coupon code for 10% off everything this month.

Toyota Making Life Easier

I had the honor of photographing Toyota's first annual "Making Life Easier" charitable giving campaign at their Torrance campus. Toyota Financial Services awarded 43 scholarships to teens from the Boys and Girls Club members from Los Angeles. They also got to see a tour of Toyota's Torrance headquarters and the auto museum. It was amazing to see so much hope in these kids. You can read more of the article here.

CONGRATULATIONS to all that received the scholarships!
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