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art in the age real life review

Out of all the tees we get here at... my living room, this is one of my favourites. The fabric is a really neat sheer/not sheer mixture of tee material (sorry, that's the best explanation I can give, I can't find the damn page that I was reading about the fabric!), and the tee is extra long, sweet.
Get checking out their site for this little baby, and one of my newfound favourites, this-a-one.

Model models: Girly medium
Advantages: Awesome.
Disadvantages: Boobies make the smokestacks bendy.
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Get out your wallets: US$36


Sweet mother of awesome.

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rock trooper

Storm troopin' across the USA.

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Ignoring for a moment the retarded colours that my lappy has decided are better than the ones I recommend to it, designgive are having a nifty sale with some proceeds going to charities.

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jareth would be proud

My friend is having a David Bowie party and I'm going as David Bowie. Awesome.

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Wedding Photography Castle Green Pasadena

Cindy and Henry's wedding was held in the gorgeous interior of Pasadena's Castle Green. It's a historic building in Old Town Pasadena that takes you back to 1898. The exterior features unique Moorish Colonial and Spanish style architecture and the interior is filled with much of the original furniture. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time photographing Cindy and Henry in this beautiful setting!
I was also excited to finally shoot with my friend Rudy Arpia who came along to help me out. We had a blast exploring the historic lobby. Here are a few of my favorites:
Cindy's Maggie Sottero gown matched the elegance of this venue.

I found this amazing staircase with the most ornate railings.

This exquisite antique elevator is still in use!

You can see more of my favorite images in their preview wedding slideshow (click here).
Photography: Castle Green wedding photos, Cindy and Henry Chan wedding pictures in Pasadena, portraits, romantic.
Pasadena wedding photographer, Castle Green wedding pictures

88 ghosts

Have you noticed that a visual representation of a number always seems less than the number? Except for really low numbers like 1 or 4.

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milk the cows

Once I was on a plane and when it landed the captain said 'whoah nelly!' over the intercom.

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Who'd win in a fight, a narwhal or a manatee? I guess it depends on which one has the chainsaw.

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