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Dave + Ally at Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach

Ally and Dave's engagement photo shoot at Crystal Cove - Laguna Beach
Here's a few of my favorites:

Lately my engagement shoots have turned into hiking trips. It's probably because I've been wanting to be outdoors and getting to the best spots sometimes take a little walking. I totally don't mind it because it's always worth the hike! With Ally and Dave we had fun exploring the cliffs above Crystal Cove and we finished the shoot with a sunset dip in the water. Check it out...

I got soaked too (well, I always do when shooting at the beach)
Ally and Dave were such troopers!

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Shelby & Joe's Wedding at Coto de Caza

Congratulations to Shelby and Joe! Their wedding at Coto de Caza was absolutely beautiful.

Sometimes a simple thing becomes something immensely bigger.  When Joe looked Shelby in the eyes, it began as a simple gesture.  But that simple thing showed how much they loved each other.  It became a lingering gaze, an expression of gladness, and a statement of affection that words cannot replace.  Then their hands met and both smiled as if they've been waiting for this moment all of their lives.

I had a chance to show off my DJ skilz - that's right call me djG! Hahahaaha

Tags: Shelby & Joe's wedding photos at Coto de Caza, Orange County wedding pictures by Greg Bumatay
It was awesome hanging out with DJ Mark Hix and videographer Mike McCaleb - Mission Visual
The amazing orchids were designed by Chris of Paradise Delight

Pamela & Nathan's pre Wedding Photo Session in Chino Hills

Congratulations to Pam and Nathan on their engagement!

We had planned to do their photo shoot outdoors, on a hill maybe, or something scenic. We went to the perfect place atop the Chino Hills State Park trails. It was truly scenic but it came with a price. It was not an easy hike up the mountain!

Once we got near the top I realized that it was all worth it. This place had so many places to shoot and no matter which way you turn there was a great photo opp.

Of course it also helps when the couple I'm shooting is comfortable with being themselves. Nathan and Pam were just having a wonderful time together. It shows.

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Wedding Gowns

The bride wears an exquisite gown on the day of her wedding, for the ceremony. The fall, color and the style of the gown highlight the cultural and religious background. The color code for most of the western wedding dresses is white. The main color is generally white, but designers do experiment with hues of cream, ivory, ecru and other pastel colors. The marriage of Queen Victoria that took place in 1840 set the trend of wearing a white gown. The color has become popular since then and most of the wedding gowns worn are white. Black is considered the color of mourning and is avoided. In the period before the marriage of Queen Victoria, brides wore gowns in shades of blue and brown. It is believed that the color white symbolizes virginity.

While choosing a wedding gown, it is very important that the bride is not hasty, and chooses the dress she is most comfortable in. This is a special occasion and the bride desires to look her best. This makes her opt for designers who can tailor the wedding gown. Those brides who do not have any financial constrains can choose to get their wedding gowns designed by professional designers.

Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns are readily available in various sizes, at bridal stores all over the world. Sometimes it is difficult to find gowns for brides who are overweight. Hence, at many of the local bridal boutiques there are plus- size wedding gowns available. These wedding gowns are designed up to a size 14 or even a size 16. Before going to any of these bridal boutiques to check the sizes, a prior appointment should be taken, so that there is no last minute rush for a trial. If the bride is full bodied and does not find the appropriate wedding gown, she does have options.

Many bridal boutiques that specialize in plus- size wedding garments, sell gowns that caters to such brides. Though the choice is limited, it is still worth having a look. Brides may not find the variety that the regular stores offer, but the right wedding gown can be identified if they browse through the special outlets.

The Internet is an excellent source for all the information on plus- size wedding dresses. The bride to be can go through the available sites and try to locate stores and designers that offer plus- sized wedding gowns. It is possible to order a plus size wedding gown online. The only problem is that while ordering online, the brides cannot try on the gown and hence, do not know whether it will fit them or not. Plus- sized wedding dresses are not tailor-made and this is the main reason why full- bodied brides think twice before purchasing a wedding gown.

At: Tim Gough
For: US$22

Kathleen & Ben's Wedding Photos at Sheraton Cerritos

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Ben and Kathleen!!!

It was a gorgeous (and warm) day full of excitement as they met up with us at the Cerritos Library for their 'First Meeting'. It was an intimate photo session in the Sculpture Garden which turned out to be a special moment for them. Kathleen and Ben had the chance to be alone and have fun before the day's schedule began.

Tags: Kathleen & Ben's wedding pictures at Sheraton Cerritos, wedding photos at the Cerritos Library Sculpture Garden, Los Angeles Wedding Photography by Greg Bumatay
Second shooter: Ari Simphoukham - awesome work my friend! Thank you for coming out to shoot with me
Wedding design and planning by Caroline Chang of Serenity Events - it was a pleasure working with you and your staff!
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