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70's Fashion

Fashion of the 70's

70's Fashion, 70's Music, and about the 1970's.

70's FashionThe 70's fashion was such a fun time and was a great decade. It was a time when people dressed really funky, men and woman wore bell bottom pants. Tie dye shirts were popular; and people loved their music and expressed themselves.

Disco dancing was in, and people were hitting the dance floor! They were doing all this funky type of dancing that was really cool. Platform shoes were worn.

Rock and roll was big, there were many great fantastic artists playing some unbelievable songs that are still are popular and are played in today's music, at that time you were either a disco or a rock and roll person!

70's latest fashionThere was also soft rock that was very romantic, great to listen to, and relaxing. These songs had a lot of meaning. Couples had their special song. It was also a great time to just hang out with that someone special or just cruise around and listened to the soft rock hits on the radio.

In the early 70's latest fashion muscle car were really awesome, they were big, had great motors and some cool body styles, it was a time to just hang out with your buddies be proud of your car and just chat about the simple things in life.

It was a time when there was no internet and the stores may have been closed on Sunday. It was a time when technology was changing and people were changing.

By R C

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