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Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptian JewelryThe earliest examples of Egyptian jewelry which have come down to us are those of the Pre dynastic period (more than 3000 years B.C.), where the Egyptians had been making beads and ornaments of semi precious stones such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, cornelian, Quartz, Garnet, Turquoise , and other objects. They also used man made materials such as glazed objects and colored glass imitating semi precious stones. Most of the materials used in making these beads were chosen for their color symbolization or amulet significance especially the ones used in making funerary jewelry, as they had a religious and magical significance in the Egyptian ancient world by protecting the wearer from evil. Turquoise for example was a symbol of fertility, good luck, and as protection from the evil eye.

The real start of Egyptian jewelry was when ancient Egyptians had access to precious metals, for even in ancient times, Egypt was envied for its underground treasures. At first they got these metals from the Eastern Desert and Nubia , later too as tribute and spoils of war from Syria and the north. Mining was often carried out by convicts under military control. This was a dangerous endeavor from which many of the laborers probably never returned.

Up until the Middle Kingdom, silver was considered as valuable to the Egyptians as gold, but after that time frame, Egyptians seem to have become fanatical over gold. Egypt was richer in gold than any other country of the region. Statues, furniture, vessels and jewelry, above all in the royal household and the temples, were often created from these precious metals.

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