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History of Medieval Castles

Medieval castles were always from the early 10th century right through the middle of the 17th century. During this period they varied dramatically from the early motte and bailey castles direct to homocentric castles with thick stone fences.

Many examples were given, and it needs to realize new ideas and shape on European castles processed. The medieval castle probably seen its peak in the late 13 century by Edward I, the construction of specific castles of North Wales.

Medieval European castles launch end 900's with the moth. The first castles were essentially developed in Normandy and a large hill to a domain dump.Very excavated times the page was taken up in water to form a trench. It was a tower on the summit of the hill in a wooded palisade work around it. Only for the ditch or canal other wall would be the introduction of the Bailey. These early castles are depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry and became an important tool for process control and the feudal system.

When William of Normandy came to England in 1066 he used his power with a lead of motte and bailey castles across England. His England, dominated for the first time, through strategically placed locks. But when the Normans again rule the land it needed more than what is actually a large reinforced. They involved a house, a court, a warehouse, security, and somewhere to see and touch with their history and their king entertained.

Even so it was the crusades, which served to play back new estimates, and forced castle construction to its apogee. Richard I (the Lion heart), which is almost time for the huge castle in Europe, Chateau Gaillard. Unfortunately he died before the conclusion, and it was his brother John to retire in order to made a long and bitter siege.

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