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Medieval Cavalry

The horses were very important in medieval times. Taxes must be paid in some countries constitute important to have a horse, but that was rare. For farmers, manual tax means many lives because the property was a horse in the first place difficult.

The horses were used due from transport, agriculture and war. That, if necessary, horse prices in the middle of the Dark Ages level soared. Sometimes the horse would appreciate a small body on a house! For most farmers have never seen a horse in their lives.

What most farmers was, however, a horse or two ball games, the sharing of costs with all members of the community. They were part of the horse, because agriculture or for other purposes - of course, what she was actually asked to reproduce for the horse.

Happy before the war, the sharp horses. Cavalry had covered the most important measure, and print an army with cavalry was not counted as a defeat for the signature.

When an army won a battle, the soldiers would steal for armor, weapons and horse pike from the conquered. Horses were sometimes reserved for the senior generals, but some soldiers, they were both, and they maintain a ticket for the improvement in the scores contribute to ranking.

After a good horse was very helpful also gave further significant loyalty to the driver. This would have a very elegant horse stirrups, and other decorations.

To transport a horse was also very effective. Horses are the main summit of a knight. A courageous a horse or had in addition, he made up mostly ignored. I have seen mentioned before, a horse and threw the driver was notified usually required.

During the conference, like a medieval knight would be a new face to many horses represent just practiced. Losses in a tournament meant, as already mentioned, the sublime conqueror of the horse of the loser. In a final position, horses were also used to speak for the dinner.

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