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Plan a Renaissance Period Wedding

With the romantic feelings in the air, it is no wonder that a classic theme of weddings is the renaissance or medieval times. There is a sense of chivalry and grace in this time, simply set a wedding theme.

The Renaissance was a time when the people closer to nature, so that all that was beyond beautiful.

Tapes also beautiful decorations. You can send banks and chairs as a subtle combination of beauty to do.

Your wedding dress is also an impression. The bride will wear something long and flowing with bell sleeves and an intricate bodice. The bridegroom is a bit more difficult, because many men do not wear leggings or tights, but a luxurious coat with a thick brocade pattern might be the perfect opportunity to show his devotion to the topic. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, different colored versions of the outfit.

The ceremony is a kind of theme park, too. This could include the lighting of candles, and the jumping of the broom and sword. This is an African tradition that fits very well. That is the signal that the new pair will work from this period.

To truly grasp the Renaissance theme, it's the details that matters. Give your guests small bags of lavender or other fragrant herbs. Bring it to some folk as well. Or you can play traditional Celtic or medieval musicians for the recording.

A feast of roast pork or lamb would also be useful - even if you do not eat directly from the bone, like in the old days. Have many drinks and candles, and you're on your way to a renaissance theme wedding.

Give your guests a hint of the theme by the inclusion of a Renaissance poem in the invitation, or sealing them with wax and your new monogram. Theme weddings are the details.

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