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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget
By Gail Vince

Wedding Centerpiece IdeasWedding centerpieces may not be considered important at some festivities however a wedding is a different story. You set the mood of the occasion by complimenting you and your partner's personalities with carefully chosen embellishments.

Choosing the incorrect wedding centerpieces can make or break the decorations so careful consideration when selecting the embellishments is vital.

Consider the wedding theme, the size your tables, color of your tablecloths, color of wedding attire and the venue's d├ęcor.

Flowers are commonly chosen as wedding centerpieces for their variety, color, fragrance and ease of availability. Choosing flowers which are out of season can become costly and difficult to find. An alternative to using fresh flowers of your choice, you could use silk flowers on their own or mixed with fresh flowers.

The choice to use or not to use flowers is a personal one. The idea of using something other than flowers excites me because the imagination can really come into things. You can spend a lot of money on any kind of embellishments' or by doing it yourself you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you have created this outstanding design and saved yourself a lot of money.

Wedding CenterpieceYou don't have to be a crafty person. Look through magazines, photos' you have taken or family and friends have taken, website images or ask wedding venues if you can see a set up of a wedding that will be taking place if you are thinking of holding your reception at their venue. The latter could also be of benefit as you may be able to combine your ideas with that of a previous wedding party to reduce costs and time in setting up if you are holding your reception on the same day.

If you must have flowers a cheaper alternative but one which still adds elegance to your wedding reception, try the flamingo lily or birds of paradise. Place in a tall vase/glass and fill with white river rocks. Accentuate with white unscented pillar candles. The reason for using unscented candles at the table is that although scented candles emit a beautiful aroma, you may find this a bit overpowering and not want this whilst you and your guests are eating.

wedding centerpieces ideasThe use of fruits as wedding centerpieces can create a very attractive and affordable alternative. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you are able to make something wonderful out of fruit.

Place whole lemons' in a vase combined with sunflowers. Use cut limes, sliced apples, whole grapes, berries or colored seeds...the list is endless. Tropical fruits, including pomegranates cut in half. Buy glass vases or containers for your centerpiece from markets, bargain shops or $2 stores. Use your imagination for a summer wedding!

By filling glasses with colored stones, water, rose buds or orchids and floating candles you are able to create a wonderful centerpiece. Alternatively, sand, shells and greenery create an effective display. Lavender, fruit, gum leaves - get those creative juices going - go green.

ideas for wedding centerpiecesCollect (free) branches, leaves, pine cones, driftwood and spray with gold or silver metallic spray paint. Arrange in the center of the table with a few long lasting tea lights. Other alternatives are ivy, holly and rosemary. Dark table cloths really set this off. An eye catching arrangement!

Remember your guests. Try not make your centerpieces too bulky so guest have trouble talking to and seeing each other or that they take up large amounts of room on the table and then only allows very minimal room for placement of crockery and glassware.

Another extra to place on tables for guests is a disposable camera. This allows guests' to take snapshots of other guests, or you and the bridal party. Photo's that you would not normally have taken. One camera on each table is sufficient.

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