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Wedding Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games: Make The Next One You Host A Big Hit
By Gail Leino

wedding shower gamesWhen you host a bridal shower, you really want to focus on making the event special for the future bride. However, you also want to make it fun and exciting for those attending. Here are some quick and easy bridal shower games you can use that won’t cost you a fortune:

1. The Bridal Trivia Game: This will take some preparation, but is an inexpensive and fun game to show how much those invited truly know about the future bride. You can make it part observational, like what color shoes the future bride is wearing today, to “about the bride” questions, like where was the future bride born. You can even hold two separate trivia games and your bridal shower games will be completely covered. The person answering the most questions correctly will be the winner.

2. The “ABC” Game: All you need for this bridal shower game is a sheet of paper with the alphabet listed down the left hand side. Next to each item, party goers need to write something that starts with that letter that deals with a wedding. “A” could stand for a wedding “A”lbum. “B” could be a “B”ridal shower. “C” could represent the wedding “C”ake. Set the time limit for the game at only a minute. The person getting the most items listed in that time will be the winner.free wedding shower games

3. A Bridal Scramble or Word Find: Using your computer, you can make up a bridal scramble or word find for a bridal shower game. For the scramble, you would take words associated with a wedding, like wedding gown, tuxedo, rings, church, reception hall, flower girls, ring bearer, and mix all the letters up. Those playing would have to unscramble the words into their appropriate form. For the word find, you could take similar words and hide them within a huge square of letters. The first person to unscramble all the words or find all the words will be the winner.

Little prizes are great for bridal shower games. Items like picture frames or candle holders can be decorated with little bows and ribbons for a special little gift.wedding shower game

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