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Wedding Earrings

Fashion keeps changing. Before a particular trend reaches culmination, it is replaced by another. But, in this coming and going of various style statements, wedding earrings have been able to hold on to their position. They have always formed an important and inherent part of accessorizing. Men and women wear earrings in an almost equal percentage, and it is the most sought after piece of jewellery. It lends a unique touch to your wedding ensemble, and one may actually help enhance your personality.

Historical and archaeological studies have shown that the practice of wearing ear accessories first originated among the West Asians, in the form of hoops and pendants. They were people who believed in life after death and buried their dead with jewellery and other essentials. They wanted their dead well-equipped when they begin their new lease of life.

Various types of earrings and jewellery designs

Earrings come in myriad shapes and sizes. Starting from studs and slowly moving onto rings and "jhumkas." You also have danglers which brush against your shoulders. Earrings might resemble a square or a hexagon or you can also have your initials inscribed on it. Religious-minded people can opt for "swastika" or "trishul" shaped designs, though the style and designs keep changing with the shifting trends.

Earrings for weddings can be broadly classified into two types: the pierced ones and the clip-on types. The former are more prevalent because it's easy to get your ears pierced to hold the earrings firmly in position. Also, gold earrings, diamond, pearl, and solitaire fall under the first category and are generally worn on special occasions. The clip-ons are made of cheaper materials. As they are not very firm, there are chances one might lose it. Thus, expensive earrings are never available as clip-ons.

Make the right choice!

Bridal Earrings help enhance one's facial features. So you should be careful when choosing a pair of earrings for yourself.

Long danglers should be sported by people having a long, slender neck. Round button rings must be worn by people having a thin facial built.

People with perfect cheekbones and sharp noses should go for large hoop earrings, while those with roundish faces must wear something in oval or rectangular pattern.

Those with upswept hair or a long neck, opt for drop earrings and not studs. They will twist and move and help disperse light. Chandelier earrings are also recommended for girls with slender necks.

If your hair is down or if you have a short neck, go for delicate and small diamond or pearl earrings. They would add to your beauty.

A wedding is a big event and one must carefully choose her wedding earring. It should go with the dress and make-up. It must necessarily complement your hairstyle and other accessories such as wedding necklace, wedding bracelets, etc., and help enhance your facial features. Because on this day you need to look your best.

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