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Wedding Response Cards

When you're preparing a wedding ceremony, it's essential to obtain an correct head count of one's guests. Obtaining individuals to reply, nevertheless, could be difficult at occasions. These are some ideas on how you can style your wedding response cards to become each stunning and efficient.

Wedding Response Cards
Wedding Response Cards
The extremely very first thing that needs to become determined is whether to incorporate response cards. Conventional wedding ceremony etiquette says the correct way for the guests to allow you to know whether they'll attend your wedding ceremony is having a handwritten be aware. Within the decrease left hand corner with the wedding ceremony invites, print both R.s.v.p. or The favour of a reply is requested. This could be sufficient to tell your guests that you simply have to listen to again from them, and think it or not, it does really operate.

Nevertheless, most partners nowadays will decide for some kind of response card. There are numerous factors for this. 1 will be the recognition within the invitation issued to "Mr. James and guest". Once the invitation opens the door to a visitor bringing alongside a date, it may be much more challenging to obtain an correct head count. When meal options are provided, brides will generally inquire the guests point out their choice around the response card, also. But truly, the accurate cause for that recognition of response cards is the fact that individuals merely don't believe in their guests to complete the proper factor with out assist.

FOR YOUR RECEPTION: Personalized Dance Floor Decals

I love the idea of this personalized decal for your reception dance floor. What a great idea to use this vinyl removable decal to add a special touch to your first dance (and all subsequent dances for that matter). Available at Wicks n Candlesticks.

BEAUTIFUL ADORNMENT: Bridal Jewelry at White House|Black Market

This gorgeous necklace is perfect for any style of dress. It just radiates and is a show stopper for sure. Make them drool. Available at White House|Black Market for the fab price of $108.00.

Tiffanny Prom Dresses

tiffany-prom-dressesProm is a special time in a teenage girl's life. You will make wonderful memories that you'll cherish forever. So naturally, finding the most flattering and best fitting prom dress is very important. To get the perfect fitting prom dress you should measure yourself properly, if you don't measure yourself properly. No need to worry though, it's very easy to learn the right way to measure your body for a prom dress. We will show you how to measure your body for a tiffany prom dresses to look gorgeous.
tiffany-prom-dressesLooking for a tiffanny prom dress that is modest is sometimes a hard thing to do. Most designs have low cut necklines, they are strapless, or they have slits that come way too high. There are some companies that deal only with modest style dresses or you can alter the dress to fit your moral standards.
tiffany-prom-dressesYou just need to find a dress that does not come down too low in the back so that the length of the shrug or bolero will cover. Shrugs and boleros come mostly in black or white but occasionally you can find them in other colors. A black dress with either a white or black shrug can look very elegant. A white dress with a black or white shrug also looks great. You can use either with any color dress but a great combination is a any shade of red with a black shrug.
tiffany-prom-dressesGoing to the prom is exciting and fun and a wonderful time that you and your parents will never forget so have a great time and don't forget to smile for the cameras.

Wedding Table Plans

Wedding Table Plans
Wedding Table Plans
For these unlucky souls to whom the job lands of making wedding table plans, there are numerous crucial options that have to be produced fairly early on. Frequently these choices are created with out any actual knowledge with the huge repercussions most likely to outcome from generating the incorrect option.

Making wedding table plans is usually 1 with the most time consuming, laborious and demanding elements of preparing a wedding ceremony, and but it needn't be, so long as the proper options are created for that correct factors nicely in advance with the job turning into some thing akin to each day within the existence of Sisyphus.

The very first option is obviously regardless of whether to make a table strategy or not. Wedding table plans aren't simply an ornate way of suggesting exactly where your extremely civilised friends might prefer to dine. They are a way of guaranteeing anarchy does not overtake your wedding ceremony, and that your friends really appreciate their time instead of wishing they might be safely in your own home scrubbing the bathroom, unblocking the sink or plastering the lavatory ceiling.

Inside a current survey almost 80% of wedding ceremony friends stated that they certainly favored wedding table plans to become accessible instead of a mad totally free for all rush for that greatest seats.

The 2nd option is regardless of whether to easily begin off by numbering the tables as is usually carried out, or regardless of whether to become a bit more inventive. Numbering appears a pretty innocuous way of approaching the job, but this once more can have unexpected repercussions. numbers suggest a hierarchy, regardless of whether it is meant or not.


The Vintage Home | Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Flea Market & Antique Mall Finds


One of the reasons I love going to antique malls so much is to add to my collection of vintage kitchen knick knacks. I particularly love floral plates, porcelain tea cups and saucers, and vintage tea towels.

What are your favorite vintage finds at flea markets?

Unique Prom Dresses

unique-prom-dressesA great way to start off in looking of a unique prom dresses is to look at bridesmaid dresses to find a dress no one else will be wearing to prom. Most people look for prom dresses and never think to check out dresses for weddings. Even if you do purchase a prom dress there are many things you can do to it to make it unique and one of a kind. Purchase a simple long dress and then start to add pearl trim, sparkly cording or sew on beads or sequins to make it look totally different.
unique-prom-dressesA unique and popular style for this year is the short prom dress. These can be beautiful and elegant even if they do not come to the floor. They are made of quality fabrics such a silk blends and satin with lace and tulle. They come in all different colors and some even sparkle and are beaded. They look like a classic prom dress except that they come to the knee or slightly above.
unique-prom-dressesA way to make a dress look different is to make a large sash that goes around the waist. It only takes about 1 or 2 yards of material that is cut double the width you want it to be. Fold it over and sew down the side that is open with one fourth inch seam and sew on each end leaving about 2 inches open at one end. Once sewn you just have to pull the sash inside out through the hole then sew that up by hand. Iron it flat and tie it about the waist.
unique-prom-dressesYou are unique as a person so make sure your uniqueness is exemplified at your prom. Get a unique prom dress or alter a regular dress to make it different. Make sure it is a good representation of your unique personality. Unique prom dresses, turn heads and look your best for prom night

Yellow Prom Dresses

yellow-prom-dressesOne of the most interesting, and at the same time, most annoying parts of a woman's life is the amount of time it takes her to look perfect. Be it a casual outing, a small get together or a glamorous evening party, she always feels the need to be yellow prom dresses perfectly. There is a lot of pressure from the society as well. Nobody ever forgives a person who appears at a party looking sloppy and disorganised.
yellow-prom-dressesAnother important decision is to be made is about the hair style that you may want to have for prom to match your beautiful yellow prom dresses. In case you wish to keep your beautiful long hair loose, these should be combined with plain back. That might not work well with the dress which has some exotic back design. Your backless yellow prom dress can look elegant if you tie your hair in a roll. You can also enhance the elegance of your dress by locking your hair in different designs. The prom dress would look amazing at floor length.
yellow-prom-dressesYellow prom dresses are the perfect choice when you want to look sexy, glamorous and cool at the same time. These clothes come in various styles and designs. You can get outfits made of silk, lace and which may have a self print, or which may be embroidered with black or white lace, and have a black or a white bodice. Yellow prom dresses are extremely sexy, and are also available in a wide choice of material. You can go for synthetic, cotton, silk, lacy, woollen or satin dresses depending on your choice.
yellow-prom-dressesInternet is a great source of knowledge about prom dresses. You might choose your prom dress from a variety of options that are available online. You can get thousands of prints for your dress while searching online.

White Prom Dresses

white-prom-dressesYou have to be a bit daring to wear a white prom dresses mainly because you have to work really hard at making it not look like a wedding dress. White prom dresses for prom need to be simple without a great deal of embellishment. Some beading or clear crystals and sequins look nice on a white dress and it does not come off as being too much.
white-prom-dressesAnyone who has gone through high school or even college will tell you that perhaps one of the most memorable nights of their school lives would be the prom. At prom nights, there will be music and a lot of dancing. There's also the potential of seeing a mate or getting together with friends whom you don't get to spend so much time with. A prom is also the perfect excuse you have to sport the best dress that you can possibly wear. One of these could be a white prom dress.
white-prom-dressesYou can add a little color to the dress by taking some material and making a sash that will tie around the waste or just above if there is an empire waist. Use silver or gold to stay in the neutral range but give yourself a little glitter. Black is a great color to add along with some black shoes. Red is another color that is bold and you can also wear red shoes. You can actually make your sash any color you wish. Pastels work very well as do the bolder and darker colors.
white-prom-dressesPicking out shoes for a white prom dress is easy. If you are not going to add any color to the dress itself you should pick white shoes. Wear satiny pumps, white sandals, patent leather heals or ballet slippers, just make sure they are white. They can have gold or silver accents. If you want to be a little more daring you can wear either gold or silver shoes.

vintage Prom Dresses

vintage-prom-dressesProm dresses are a much-anticipated indulgence. With all the importance given to glamour in prom parties, designers are vying to provide the hottest and most sought after designs for young women who want to make a splash. If the idea is to stand apart from the crowd, or to leave a long lasting impression, the best option is the vintage prom dresses, which is really hot this season.
vintage-prom-dressesVintage prom dresses can satisfy both of these. Vintage prom dresses allow you to have a dress that no one else will have. There is a variety of fashion decades from which to choose, from retro to turn-of-the-century dresses. There's something nostalgic about the vintage prom dress that conveys a dramatic and romantic mood that's sure to please your date.
vintage-prom-dressesVintage prom dresses have become very popular. The 50's and 60's looks are back with long chiffon gowns with full collars and full-length sheer train; glamorous strapless dresses with winged upper bodice and a full skirt. Semi-sheer chiffon gowns with embroidered organdy and Empire waist-favorites in the 60-are also making a comeback among the younger set. Most are opting to dress up their ensembles with vintage jackets, coats, shoes, shawls and jewelry.
vintage-prom-dressesVintage prom dresses, paired with appropriate vintage accessories can make your prom one to remember.

Short Prom Dresses

short-prom-dressesWith prom 2010 now a distant memory, young women all over the globe eagerly ponder what styles and colors of prom dresses that 2011 will hold in store for them. Last season, we saw a myriad of vivid colors and a continuation of sassy animal prints. There was also an exploration into even more abstract printed designs, often in bright pastels. Short prom dresses continued to gain popularity as well.
short-prom-dressesyou are going to find that beads are popular plus a great trend to make note of when you look for your dress. They add a certain amount of glitz to your dress. Try to find dresses that include many beads or select something a bit simpler that has only a few. Striking colors are popular at the moment as well. Instead of wearing basic black, why not choose a dress that's in a bold color. Whether you go with brilliant reds, stunning blues, or even rich greens, you will definitely be noticed if you choose a bold color.
short-prom-dressesIf you have been watching the red carpet, you almost certainly have seen some of the curve hugging dresses out there. They're not only hot on the red carpet, they also are hot for prom dresses too. Try to find dresses that really show your shape off. A popular color in the fashion world at this time is actually gold. It's basic and elegant, and a prom dress in that color is really a great option. You are going to undoubtedly stand out if you choose to rock this color at the prom.
short-prom-dressesWhile innovation in colors is somewhat limited, there is no limit to progress in geometry. Therefore, we will see more movement in areas that allow it, such as the cut of the garment. Short dresses will most likely continue as a popular choice, but be on the lookout for fresh designs.

Scala Prom Dresses

scala-prom-dressesWhen it comes to prom nights, nothing steals the thunder more spectacularly than a girl adorning an exquisitely designed prom dress. Finding the perfect prom dress is often time consuming, not to mention complicated as there are so many designs to choose from, and it would take a considerable amount of time and effort in order to find the ideal dress for your special occasion. If you are in the market for the best prom dress out there, you may want to consider the extensive collection of dresses specifically for prom nights from a variety of distinguished designers such as scala prom dresses.
scala-prom-dressesyou will probably want to start shopping for scala prom dresses soon after the school year begins. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to find the right dress and allow for the possibility of making alterations, which is often the case. Shopping online is a great way to save yourself some time and money. It can also increase the variety of dresses to choose from tremendously. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing on the internet is to make sure and take your bust, waist, and hip measurements carefully.
scala-prom-dressesPick and select also from elegant colors such as the eternal black, the ever-popular white, the eye-catching pink and the classic silver. Or if you are into more vibrant colors, think about some of the scala prom dresses in red, blue and even green amongst others. Rest assured that you would be the pick of the bunch when your prom night comes along if you select the ideal prom dress for yourself.
scala-prom-dressesWhatever style or design you choose for your scala prom dresses, just make sure it is an expression of yourself. Remember, planning ahead will help make prom 2010 and your upcoming school year less stressful and much more enjoyable.

Le Festin: A Dish + A Vintage Dress

Nothing goes better with a fabulous meal than a fabulous dress (so long as you can enjoy the meal that is and can breathe in the dress...)

So, a few of my favorite vintage dresses in the shop alongside a delicious dish to prepare for the Thanksgiving festivities. (recipe links below!)

Tangerine Mimosa Dress | Pumpkin Custard Pie

Tuileries Dress | Roasted Potatoes Medley

Novelle Peach Dress | Pão de Queijo

Lace Doily Dress |
Pumpkin Tart With Mascarpone Cream

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

FOR THE HONEYMOON: His & Hers Leather Luggage Tags

I love these leather luggage tags. One for the bride. One for the groom. So cute. Available at Off the Fountain.

FLOWER GIRL DRESSES: Metallic and Magical

Over on our sister site, The Capitol Fashionista, we introduced our fashionistas to Doloris Petunia and her drop-dead gorgeous jewelry.But when I checked in on her yesterday, I discovered that she also designs the most amazing couture flower girl dresses. This is the most beautiful flower girl dress that I have come across EVER! Now it is a little pricey at $400.00. But I would totally spend that money on these gorgeous dresses.

BLACK FRIDAY SALES: Chevy Chase Bridal Takes Over Black Friday

DC Bridal Lovelies, Black Friday is for you too! Black Friday has gone white at Chevy Chase Bridal's White Friday sale. Receive 15% off EVERY gown in the store! Every sample gown, evening gown, and special order gown will be on sale!

Red Prom Dresses

red-prom-dressesWhen it is time for her junior or senior prom and out shopping for her gown to wear at the big dance, you will definitely want to let her try one of the red prom dresses that are so very popular right now. This sort of evening or ball gown will make her the center off attention from the girls out of jealousy, and the guys for its attractive appeal. Although the dress may be form fitting on top, it is not as reminiscent as you might think of bedroom style lingerie.
red-prom-dressesSome of these prom dresses are offered with matching quarter or half jackets to conceal the shoulders for an even more modest look, but can be taken off during dancing, and socializing. Prices start at about one hundred and eight nine dollars on average, but some of the prom gowns can run up to over one thousand dollars, depending on the brand and type of fabric, and materials used to create the piece. For goodness sake, do not forget the matching clutch purse, shoes, and corset belt if needed.
red-prom-dressesIf you make this dress purchase months in advance, wait until about two weeks before the dance to have it fitted, as teenager grow rapidly, and you do not want to have to let it out, or pay twice for tailoring the garment. Also, invest in a wedding dress crush-proof hanging bag to protect the dress until prom night. You do not want it crushed from other clothing in the closet, and become wrinkled to the point of having to have it re-dry cleaned at the last minute.
red-prom-dressesThis is a big night for her and she will want everything perfect, and will practically act as if it is her wedding day. Make sure she has everything she needs and treat her like a princess, even if she has her emotional fangs out the afternoon before her date picks her up. Be sure and have your digital camera charged, and ready to go with plenty of memory available.

BEAUTIFUL ADORNMENT: Bridal Wishlist Fav Kirsten Kuehn

Save 10% off at their etsy shop, Kirsten Kuehn with the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY" now til November 26th.

WHAT LIES BENEATH: Lingerie Your Bride Is Sure To Love

This is adorable, and sexy. Adorable and sexy... hmmmm... you never really see those two words together in a sentence. Sounds like it really wants to be dirty but just can't. Anyhoo... this is from one of my favorite lingerie shops, Catriona Mackechnie. They do lingerie right.

FOR THE GROOM: With This Hammered Ring...

There is something so sexy and masculine about a handmade hammered wedding band. Get one for your groom at Jealousy Jewelry & Design.

The Amazing Florence + the Machine (and her equally amazing wardrobe)

Florence and the Machine

I am so inspired by Florence Welch's music and her amazing sense of style. It's vintage, it's fantasy, it's eccentric, it's Pre-Raphaelite meets bohemian goddess... in short, simply amazing and wonderful!

Florence and the Machine Florence and the Machine Florence and the Machine Florence & The Machine. florenceandthemachine florence_festival florenceandthemachine1 florence4
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